Erfolgreich auf der Messe

Visiting Washington D.C.

So...What Do You Know About Germany?

Check this great video out and get a better understanding of the country

Berlin Quick Visitor Tips

What you Shouldn't do In Germany

Best IT Parks in Bangalore

Bangalore has some of the most stunning IT parks in the country. Have a look at few of the best ones

Weekend on the Colombian Pacific

It might not have the prettiest beaches, but it has something special

Hike to Peñas Blancas

Up in the mountains above Armenia, you'll find a curious white rock formation.

Guatape & Parque Comfama

One of the coolest pueblos in Colombia, and its surrounding awesomeness

Die Pasta-Küche Roms

- authentisch, herzhaft und würzig


Bilder am Ende der Welt

Auf dem Fluss des Lebens

Eine kurze Reise durch Myanmar

Visiting Venice in Spring

Venice, the “City of Canals,” is a popular destination for countless tourists

California with Pictures

Amazing nature pictures of California

Sudimero Canyon in Chiapas

Through the canyon in a boat, here we go

Robbed by Mexican Police

With just a few days left in Mexico, I was robbed... by the police

Palenque Ruins

Palenque Ruins, a Mayan stronghold

9 Awesome Travel Pictures Belize

Places to visit in Belice

Puerto Escondido Mexico

My favorite Puerto, awesome bohemian beach town

10 Awesome Travel Pictures . Guatemala.

Central America - Round 2

Going back to where it first started

10 Awesome Travel Pictures Mexico

Check out this 10 Amazing pics of Mexico

10 Awesome Travel Pictures - U.S

Check out this 10 Amazing pictures in the U.S

1 Day in Colonia Uruguay

Colonial Uruguayan port city inside a fort

10 Awesome Travel Pictures - Canada

Check out this 10 Amazing pictures of Canada

How to Perfect Colombian Coffee

How to cook the perfect coffee.

5 Things Not To Miss in Buenos Aires

The second largest city in the southern hemisphere has a lot to see

Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires

Take a break from the big city in the Japanese Garden

Travesía a Chile.


Mendoza, Home of Wine

Vineyards, sun, and wine. Yes please.

1 Night in Valparaiso

On my last weekend in Chile, a quick stop in Valparaiso was needed

Hiking in Parque Huerquehue

Incredible volcano laden views on top of Parque Huerquehue

Exploring Outside Pucon

Pucon was nice, but what about the surrounding mountains, rivers and lakes?

Weekend in Pucon Chile

What do you get when mixing German influence into a town on the edge of Patagonia?

Hike Manquehue

Manquehue looms high over Santiago, but how would the view be?

Sunday in El Canelo Beach

Spending a day on the vast Chilean coast

Settling Into Santiago

After a few weeks of travel starting in Lima, it was time to stay in one place

Machu Picchu Part 2

Getting to the top of the world famous Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Part 1

From Cusco to Aguascalientes, the base of Machu Picchu

Journey Through Time in Cusco

What happens when you inject Spanish colonialism in the Incan capitol?

5 Things Not To Miss In Lima Peru

Metropolitan city on the shores of the Pacific

Bus or Fly from Lima to Cusco

The hours might seem intimidating, but at the end it's really not that bad

Until Next Time, Colombia

Next stops: Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile

Weekend in Rio Claro

Just a few hours away from Medellin, Rio Claro is a must see

Hiking Laguna Otun

If you want to get off the beaten path, go here.

Pereira Zoo

Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Jaguars, Rhinos, Hippos here in Pereira

Christmas in Colombia - Lights, lights, lights

Festive people in a festive country makes a festive Christmas

Parque de los Arrieros

A theme park about.... Coffee Farmers? Ok, I'll give it a shot.

The Road Ahead

Where will the road take me in the next few months?

Ecological Park El Salado

Ecological park in the mountains above Medellin

What to do in Pereira Colombia

Finding adventure in the middle of the Colombian coffee region

A brief stop in Bogota-mostly La Candelaria

Bogota, La Candelaria

Goals for Year 2

What will the 2nd year be about?

Value of Time

I had a revelation on the importance and value of time.

Reflecting back on Year 1

Successful? Not successful? How did my goals turn out?

Travel Blog Wave is here!

Improving Travel Blogging for all

Roadtrip to Boyaca

Taking a daytrip to Chiquinquira and Tunja in Boyaca

Central America or Colombia?

Should I travel or settle?

The Power of Spanish

Finding Your Travel Style

The South American Dream

heading south....for a while