Berlin Quick Visitor Tips

Just recently I moved to live in Frankfurt, several times throughout the year many of my family members come to visit and I always end up being the tour guide. Whenever people come to visit me we typically stay in Frankfurt for a few days then we take the train to Berlin ( because of course, everybody wants to see Berlin. Due to the fact that I've been to Berlin several times as a “tour guide” below, I wanted to share the places that I typically like to visit.

To make sure you do not miss the must-see attractions and discover the hidden secrets behind each monument, start your day with a guided tour, free of charge and on foot ( These tours usually last between 2 and 2.5 hours so be sure to come equipped with your camera and a bottle of water. The various monuments, museums, and squares of Berlin are the legacy left by a turbulent past. The guided tour will cover important areas of the Second World War, passing through the Luftwaffe Headquarters, the Burned Books Memorial at the Bebelplatz, the bunker where Hitler took his own life, and the Memorial to the Assassinated Jews in Europe.

If you are a fan of historical museums, we highly recommend the Jewish Museum, the German History Museum, and the GDR Museum. If you are more connected to contemporary, neoclassical or ethnic art, you will be fascinated by the Hamburger Bahnhof, the Altes Museum, and the Dahlem Museum Center.

As for food, just expect to eat a lot of dishes made from potatoes and meat. The main dish of Berlin is currywurst, a boiled or smoked sausage accompanied by a ketchup sauce, Worcestershire sauce and curry powder, usually served with fries and a beer. The best currywurst is in the Curry 36 (, definitely a spot worth trying when in Berlin!

You think you've seen everything in Berlin? Think again! In summer as in winter, go swimming in Badeschiff, an old container built in pool on the banks of the Spree. If you like to go for a nice walk, go through the Tiergarten, one of the biggest parks in the city center. If you do not suffer from vertigo, do not hesitate to admire the splendid view of Berlin from the top of the television tower located at Alexanderplatz. The city is too big to be visited in a weekend but this little glimpse will convince you to come back.